Monday, November 19, 2007

Divine Physicians

I've included many quotes here dealing with the Manifestations of God.

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Today's quote employs the brilliant metaphor of the Divine "Physician" prescribing for us the Remedy for the Illnesses we encounter during our Journey here on Earth . . .

"The Prophets of God, the supreme Manifestations, are like skilled physicians, and the contingent world is like the body of man: the divine laws are the remedy and treatment. Consequently, the doctor must be aware of, and know, all the members and parts, as well as the constitution and state of the patient, so that he can prescribe a medicine which will be beneficial against the violent poison of the disease. In reality the doctor deduces from the disease itself the treatment which is suited to the patient, for he diagnoses the malady, and afterward prescribes the remedy for the illness. Until the malady be discovered, how can the remedy and treatment be prescribed? The doctor then must have a thorough knowledge of the constitution, members, organs and state of the patient, and be acquainted with all diseases and all remedies, in order to
a fitting medicine.

"Religion, then, is the necessary connection which emanates from
the reality of things; and as the supreme Manifestations of God are aware of the mysteries of beings, therefore, They understand this essential connection, and by this knowledge establish the
Law of

‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Some Answered Questions, Chapter 40: "The Knowledge of the Divine Manifestations", pp. 158-159