Monday, January 8, 2007

Far from God...

I must begin this new blog, in this new year, with this quote:

"Meditate on what the poet hath written: 'Wonder not, if my Best-Beloved be closer to me than mine own self; wonder at this, that I, despite such nearness, should still be so far from Him.'"
~~~ Bahá’u’lláh

I'm not sure when I'll begin regular, nearly daily, posting since I've just recently been overcome with the need to create this blog; and, I'm conferring with my best "spiritual friend" on what the Form of the Theme should be...

The Theme, I'm sure of:
Spiritual Commentary on Current Events

I'd love to see your comments on that Theme...


MH said...

Nice theme! Do you know there is a similar line of thought going on sponsored by a group of social scientists at Search Institute. It seems academicians are seriously looking at the role of spiritual development in the healthy upbringing of children. You might like to tune in...

Alexander M said...

Thanks, mh !
Gonna check it out tomorrow morn for possible inclusion here at the blog.

~ Alex

Sandy said...

God is our Best Beloved whether we know it or believe it or not so knowing or believing He is our Best Beloved or not is not the question. All we know is, is that God is far more spiritually powerful than we are so then the question is how do we become more nearer to Him? Baha'u'llah is just pointing out the irony that something could be so close to another one thing but at the same time that another one thing could be so far from that something. In the spiritual world this is possible.

Alexander M said...

Thank you, Sandy!,

You bring up some fine points and I'm grateful for your reminding us about the often Seemingly Contradictory nature of Spirituality...

~ Alex

Kevyn said...

Spiritual commentary on current events?

It would be nice to have one, lol.

But as I see it, Lord Baha'u'llah gave us this wonderful Faith that intertwines human needs with spiritual needs. There should be no separation, yet like many things, humanity has always been divisive on such issues.

I have heard from someone that the Writings say that everything that is created is a foreshadowing of the spiritual worlds. When we let people hunger, when we let people die, we inevitably suffer the consequences of spiritual suffering as well.

These disasters on this earth are a result of human's passion and gravitation towards imperfection rather than perfection, and greed due to this as well. My words will be passed away, and I am frustrated that I am not doing something helpful to humanity in works of service.


The best of men are they that earn a livelihood by their calling and spend upon themselves and upon their kindred for the love of God, the Lord of all worlds.

Hidden Words II:82

~ Kevyn.

Alexander M said...

Thank you for your heart-felt response!
The things you say about the current situation on our earth touch on many of the issues I want to bring to this blog's venue...
Could you explain that last word, Alla-u-Abha ?

~ Alex