Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Science & Religion

This is one of the latest pictures of our Solar System neighbor, Saturn.

It was taken by the spacecraft, Cassini, which has been tirelessly working to expand our knowledge of Saturn since 2004. And that mission began after the spacecraft had taken seven years just to reach Saturn.

Some folks like to say we shouldn't spend so much on space missions when people here on earth need so much. This is a valid concern, yet there's much more money than is spent on space in the pockets of people who have more money than they know what to do with...

Sure, they earned it (hopefully honestly) and have the right to decide what they want to do with it. Still, there's a crying need for all members of humanity to become more spiritual and truly help each other.

I'll leave final answers of this money-for-space issue to history...

Carolyn Porco, the Cassini Imaging Team Leader, maintains a site full of marvelous images called, CICLOPS/Space Science Institute.

Just in case you haven't thought about our neighbor Saturn recently, here's a picture showing the relative sizes of our major neighbors (Saturn's the one to the right of Jupiter...):

And for those who doubt that Science and Religion can agree, I propose looking into the message, Science and Religion Explored.

One closing thought:

Many people think Spirituality is somehow divorced from daily living. To me this seems to fall far short of the evidence. If God created everything, wouldn't it make sense that Spirituality would hold all the answers for our mundane, day-to-day problems (personal or global)?

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