Monday, February 5, 2007

Who Are The Victors ?

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I watched the Game (Super Bowl XLI) but not with as much enthusiasm as this fellow...

I never liked playing football as I grew up (loved basket ball, though) but I love watching it (and hate watching basket ball)! I think, since I'm a peaceable sort who would rather we all used non-violent means to resolve difficulties, my willingness to watch the sport is to admire sheer ability and rock-solid determination.

Actually, yesterday's display of rabid enthusiasm, strictly physical ability, and emotional determination had some redeeming qualities:

The Latino community was wonderfully represented in the pre-game show, the fact that the head coaches were black was celebrated (as well as their spiritual predilections and their years-long friendship), and I didn't see one personal fight on the field...

I don't fully understand why violent sports and war still hold such fascination for so many people. Sure they have marvelous examples of individual effort, team spirit, valor, courage, discipline, and determination (all exemplary virtues) but they certainly aren't the only (or best) places to find those virtues.

I'm reading a book now about the history of non-violence and, since we're in the Season for Non-Violence, you can expect to see posts inspired by that history . . .

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