Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who's Starving ?

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The post preceding this was only hours old when our intrepid E-Mail Reporter, Sandy, fired off a provocative response. It's more questions than answers and it set me to searching for understanding.

It'll take me awhile to answer all her questions but, in my search for the image over there, I did find the article:
When Endemic Malnutrition is Labeled as Famine...

Here's Sandy:

"Just a thought and some questions.....

"Have you ever noticed that in the photographs of the starving babies and children, that the adults in the photos don't ever look as emaciated as the babies and children do?

"Sometimes in these same photos the adults don't even look like they are starving or very hungry. I read somewhere, once, that it was because in these countries the parents and adults will eat first and then give what is left over to the children. The adults must be eating the same nutritionally poor food the children are right? Why don't the adults look worse the wear? If there isn't much food left over, which many times there isn't, the children then, well, ... just starve.

"This may not be the norm all over the world but, in some parts of the world, it would seem that education on this matter would be extremely important to these people.

"Now, if disease in these children is preventing what little poor nutrition they are getting from providing nourishment to their bodies, then, one would have to say, it's not only from lack of good food but from childhood disease as well, which was documented in the article, but my question is:

"The parents of these children appear to be very young themselves so how did they stave off these same diseases themselves in their childhoods and how did they get through and survive the lack of food, which was not very long ago, and how is it that they're not dying of starvation and disease themselves like their children are?

"Or are they?"

~ Sandy

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