Thursday, February 1, 2007

You Believe What !?!

This image comes from The Next Level Church to promo it's upcoming series called My Crappy Sex Life.

This image goes with an article entitled, Delta Airlines Hates God, from the site Cinema Blend. It talks about in-flight movie censorship of the word "God".

From one perspective the images and associated sites are rather random, being what I selected from an hour's worth of scanning blogs.

From a different perspective, they could be seen as a trigger to start a discussion that contains the following topics:

* Who or What Really Is God?
* Who determines the answer to that last question?
* What does God "say" about our lives (or, what is the "Word of God")?
* Who determines the answer to that last question?
* How should we interpret what we believe is the Word of God?
* Who can we trust to help us answer that last question?

You may notice the predominance of the word "Who". "What" shows up, too, but the Whos determine the Whats...

One final question, Who, Really, is determining your beliefs?

P.S. You may want to refer back to the post, My God, Your God, Our God . . .

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