Thursday, March 15, 2007

Abused and Tortured Women - Mass Murder #2

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This post exists because of a response to the post just before it.

Ihoha, who's blog carried the story I covered in the last post, made a brilliant comment on it.

The comment's right there under the post but I felt it deserved being a post in it's own right.

You may want to back up and read that last post first...


My Dear Alexander,

Thank you for posting this information in your blog. It is horrifying to know that this kind of behavior continues as we move on in this new millenium. However, this may be one evidence that we have not gone far at all in our hearts and minds as a species. As we think we are the only thinking and feeling beings, those that believe that we are made -- in whose image are we so made that we kill those that bring life into the world?

I have often wondered if we truly believe any of our scriptures or are we simply carrying books out of some force of habit?

May the men of the world truly let go of fear and trust in life and love. How can love not be known to and by them? Women give birth to male children and care for them until they are able to care for themselves. That is an example and position of power.

We are okay -- male and female -- and though the power of the female lies in the time even before birth, there is a power that she does not control during the hosting process and that is the structuring of the being into human. This knowledge and power is beyond her reach. A woman is never closer to death than at the point of birth. Men will never know the pain of it nor the shift in consciousness required to accept something separate from yourself growing inside your very body.

As a female and a mother, I offer this: power lies in knowing who and what you are and that no part of you is missing.

Loving Blessings,
Ihoha Sophia


Puzzled Woeman said...

I don't normally run in to men who feel that women are less equal than they are, but a couple days ago I had the (dis)pleasure of running into a gentleman online who tried to verbally put me in my place by outright vocalizing that because I am woman I am less than him. I think this poor fellow forgot that for nine months a woman carried him in her womb. Granted, I don't know the relationship he had with his mother and perhaps it wasn't as nurturing as most mother/son relationships, and that could be why he feels so much hostility for women. I also wonder if he holds all women accountable for the relationships he's had with women that have turned sour.

Miss Anna said...

I had the same displeasure online meeting someone who vocalized that women are 'weaker vessels'. It just comes strange to me as being a 'weaker vessel' when there is a lot I have gone through that is far from being 'weak'. I just think that outright vocalizing that doesn't come across well since I'm a woman lol. Just doesn't get me to keep talking that's for sure.