Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Spiritual Mystery . . .

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O.K., help me out here:

Egypt has recently been suspected of persecuting Shi‘ite Muslims.

Egypt has recently been accused of persecuting Baha'is.

Iran has a predominantly Shi‘ite population.

Iran has been persecuting Baha'is.

The Baha'i Faith arose from a transformation of "...a heterodox and seemingly negligible offshoot of the Shaykhi school of the Ithna-'Ashariyyih sect of Shi'ah Islam...".

Is this some kind of Spiritual Merry-Go-Round?

Are certain humans just profoundly perverse?

Are all religions from One God?

Are we really just One Human Family . . . that's horribly dysfunctional?

Is there any end in sight for such madness?

Will prayer and meditation really calm me in the midst of this storm and help me carry on?

I think I'll only answer the last question:



KWiz said...

What a great post. As my husband just said, "You are really attuned to what's going on in the world right now." You're asking a lot of the same questions he is about world events. Great content. I've subscribed to your feed.

Puzzled Woeman said...

I do not pray but I have been thinking about renewing my meditation practice, which I ceased about a year ago. I think now is a good time to meditate.

Alexander M said...

Puzzled Woeman,
Meditation is so close to prayer (in my book) that they're kissin' cousins...

Alexander M said...


Synchronicity is pulsing strongly...

Yesterday I saw your blog and mundane buzz made me not subscribe to it. Couldn't remember how I'd gotten to it and hoped it would circle back around to me...


KWiz said...

Hi Alexander, I appreciate your reply. Seeing your site quickened my husband's spirit. Your insightful words inspired him to push through the pain of the meticulous editing process all writers endure. Thank you for the encouragement (for both of us).

Alexander M said...

KWiz !

This is what makes my efforts to produce this blog worthwhile: its helping people...

~ Alex

Alexys Fairfield said...

Let the heretics fall where they may.
Breathe. That's it.
Feel better now?
God be with you my friend.

Alexander M said...


Thanks for that Breath of Fresh Air!

~ Alex

Puzzled Woeman said...

Very glad to see some synchronicity happening on your end, too, Alex.

Alexander M said...

Puzzled Woeman,

Carl Jung is an "old friend" of mine...


~ Alex