Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sophia Makes A Visit

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I'm honoring another blogger today--Sophia from the blog,
Visions of the World.

The picture is there because of the obvious "visions" of the world title but also because Sophia likes puzzles and mystery:

"I am a woman who loves puzzles, mostly sudoku and logic problems but especially the puzzles of living what is called life. I am fascinated by the world around me. My purpose with this blog is to try to learn as much about the world around me as I can. On this blog I will post my thoughts on subjects that take place all around the world. What I seek to do - what my main purpose is, my aim - is to experience."

I also chose that cartoon image to, hopefully, bring a laugh to Sophia's life today. She paid me an honor on her blog and I'm trying to pay her back ;-)

I truly love surfing over to her Space on the Web because it's usually happily surprising and often deeply thought-provoking.

Definitely worth a few visits!!!

One more quote from Sophia:

"I am an experiencer experiencing and experimenting with this amazing yet quizzical thing called life. It baffles me yet at the same time amuses me. I am constantly reminded that there are things out there that I have no understanding of, and quite possibly, no one else does either."

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Sophia said...

Aw shucks, you're too wonderful for words. :) Thank you, Alex! You've given me a wonderful present on YOUR birthday: a great big smile, laugh and warmed heart. Thank you for being you!