Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spirit and Mind

The next quote from Reality is a bit longer then the first few and its form is more like a science talk than poetry. Some folk feel that Spirituality and Science are forever-antagonistic fields. I feel this quote puts that feeling to a test...

“The logical proof of the immortality of the spirit is this, that no sign can
come from a nonexisting thing -- that is to say, it is impossible that from
absolute nonexistence signs should appear -- for the signs are the
consequence of an existence, and the consequence depends upon the
existence of the principle. So from a nonexisting sun no light can radiate;
from a nonexisting sea no waves appear; from a nonexisting cloud no rain
falls; a nonexisting tree yields no fruit; a nonexisting man neither
manifests nor produces anything. Therefore, as long as signs of existence
appear, they are a proof that the possessor of the sign is existent.”


We seem to have a logical statement that shows that, if we see "Signs" of our Souls or Spirits, the Sign itself proves the existence of the Spiritual entity...

What are your thoughts?


Alexys Fairfield said...

We can't measure distance or depth without seeing a visible sign. Signs measures our growth.

Alexander M said...

Fascinating, Alexys. You took the thought to another dimension...