Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I leave all discussions about whether there is a God to other venues.

This blog is for Believers or, at least, Seekers...

Assuming God Is, God must be All-Powerful, -Seeing, -Knowing, -Understanding, -Etc...

I'm a writer but I can't depict God with words.

I'm one of His creatures but I don't understand Him.

It even gets a little frustrating when I try...

That's one reason I've shifted my focus in this blog to commentary on quotes from the Compilation Reality--I get to speak but I can also share True Eloquence:

"All that the sages and mystics have said or written have never exceeded, nor can they ever hope to exceed, the limitations to which man’s finite mind hath been strictly subjected. To whatever heights the mind of the most exalted of men may soar, however great the depths which the detached and understanding heart can penetrate, such mind and heart can never transcend that which is the creature of their own conceptions and the product of their own thoughts. The meditations of the profoundest thinker, the devotions of the holiest of saints, the highest expressions of praise from either human pen or tongue, are but a reflection of that which hath been created within themselves, through the revelation of the Lord, their God. Whoever pondereth this truth in his heart will readily admit that there are certain limits which no human being can possibly transgress. Every attempt which, from the beginning that hath no beginning, hath been made to visualize and know God is limited by the exigencies of His own creation—a creation which He, through the operation of His own Will and for the purposes of none other but His own Self, hath called into being. Immeasurably exalted is He above the strivings of human mind to grasp His Essence, or of human tongue to describe His mystery. No tie of direct intercourse can ever bind Him to the things He hath created, nor can the most abstruse and most remote allusions of His creatures do justice to His being. Through His world-pervading Will He hath brought into being all created things. He is and hath ever been veiled in the ancient eternity of His own exalted and indivisible Essence, and will everlastingly continue to remain concealed in His inaccessible majesty and glory. All that is in heaven and all that is in the earth have come to exist at His bidding, and by His Will all have stepped out of utter nothingness into the realm of being. How can, therefore, the creature which the Word of God hath fashioned comprehend the nature of Him Who is the Ancient of Days?"

Bahá’u’lláh: Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, Selection
CXLVIII, pp. 317-318


Anonymous said...

Obviously you don't want a discussion about whether God exists, I won't argue with you.

However I am interested in your conclusion that:

"Assuming God Is, God must be All-Powerful, -Seeing, -Knowing, -Understanding, -Etc..."

I'm not sure I understand why he MUST be omnipotent, omniscient etc etc? There's no good reason to assume this is the case. You're making one giant leap to assume that he exists and then an even bigger one to conclude that he is all powerful etc. It's not very rational is it?

Alexander M said...

I said, "Assuming God Is...." and then left another big assumption unstated: God is the "Creator" of All the IS.
If that assumption is agreed to, can you follow my reasoning that He must be all those Omnis?