Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Giving Up To Win

Part of the "mission" of this blog is to provide ideas that can be used to live a more spiritual life.

I feel competent to make comments on the material presented from Reality primarily because I've made so many mistakes in my quest to find a thriving level of spirituality in my own life.

At least I can point and say, "Oh, please reconsider that direction!"

Another thing I feel strongly about is that we don't make ourselves more spiritual. We can only release the death grip on our egos and become receptive enough to let spirituality flow in our lives...

"These energies with which the Day Star of Divine bounty and Source of heavenly guidance hath endowed the reality of man lie, however, latent within him, even as the flame is hidden within the candle and the rays of light are potentially present in the lamp. The radiance of these energies may be obscured by worldly desires even as the light of the sun can be concealed beneath the dust and dross which cover the mirror. Neither the candle nor the lamp can be lighted through their own unaided efforts, nor can it ever be possible for the mirror to free itself from its dross. It is clear and evident that until a fire is kindled the lamp will never be ignited, and unless the dross is blotted out from the face of the mirror it can never represent the image of the sun nor reflect its light and glory."

Bahá’u’lláh: Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, Selection
XXVII, pp. 65-66


Sophia said...

It's true! We are already spiritual beings. All we need to do is bring down our shields and defense system and stop being so afraid! Then we can stop pretending that we are unspiritual, and instead experience our true spirituality and spritual-ness. I think we default to that.

Alexander M said...

I just love the way you said that:

"I think we default to that."

! ! !