Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spiritual Mysteries

There's a lot of information in today's quote from Reality. Plus, the Author states it with great authority.

Still we must use our minds [ guided by our hearts ] to search out not just the obvious meanings but also the symbolic and spiritually metaphoric meanings.

This quote's a good one to practice on...

"Know that, although the human soul has existed on the earth for prolonged times and ages, yet it is phenomenal. As it is a divine sign, when once it has come into existence, it is eternal. The spirit of man has a beginning, but it has no end; it continues eternally. In the same way the species existing on this earth are phenomenal, for it is established that there was a time when these species did not exist on the surface of the earth. Moreover, the earth has not always existed, but the world of existence has always been, for the universe is not limited to this terrestrial globe. The meaning of this is that, although human souls are phenomenal, they are nevertheless immortal, everlasting and perpetual; for the world of things is the world of imperfection in comparison with that of man, and the world of man is the world of perfection in comparison with that of things. When imperfections reach the station of perfection, they become eternal. This is an example of which you must comprehend the meaning."

‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Some Answered Questions, Chapter 38: "The Three
Stations of the Divine Manifestations", p. 151-152

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