Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spiritual Heights

I almost didn't post the quote from Reality that's just below...

At first, I thought it was too mystical, too "indefinite", too seemingly contradictory...

Then, my higher self gave me a kick in the mind and I decided to let my readers decide for themselves.

It's all about attaining certain Spiritual Heights:

"The denizens of this plane speak no words—but they gallop their chargers. They see but the inner reality of the Beloved. To them all words of sense are meaningless, and senseless words are full of meaning. They cannot tell one limb from another, one part from another. To them the mirage is the real river; to them going away is returning. Wherefore hath it been said:

The story of Thy beauty reached the hermit’s dell;
Crazed, he sought the Tavern where the wine they buy
and sell.
The love of Thee hath leveled down the fort of patience,

The pain of Thee hath firmly barred the gate of hope as
In this realm, instruction is assuredly of no avail.

The lover’s teacher is the Loved One’s beauty,

His face their lesson and their only book.

Learning of wonderment, of longing love their duty,

Not on learned chapters and dull themes they look.
The chain that binds them is His musky hair,

The Cyclic Scheme, to them, is but to Him a stair." (The

Bahá’u’lláh: The Seven Valleys and The Four Valleys, Third Valley of Four, pp. 55-56

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