Friday, December 14, 2007

"...there are many wisdoms to ponder in the dream..."

Today's quote deserves careful reading and re-reading.

It contains:

- a method for discerning spiritual realities.
- an explanation that expands the meaning and purpose of dreams.
- confirmation of spiritual Truths.

"Observe, how thou art asleep in a dwelling, and its doors are barred; on a sudden thou findest thyself in a far-off city, which thou enterest without moving thy feet or wearying thy body; without using thine eyes, thou seest; without taxing thine ears, thou hearest; without a tongue, thou speakest. And perchance when ten years are gone, thou wilt witness in the outer world the very things thou hast dreamed tonight....

"Now there are many wisdoms to ponder in the dream, which none but the people of this Valley can comprehend in their true elements. First, what is this world, where without eye and ear and hand and tongue a man puts all of these to use? Second, how is it that in the outer world thou seest today the effect of a dream, when thou didst
vision it in the world of sleep some ten years past? Consider the difference between these two worlds and the mysteries which they conceal, that thou mayest attain to divine confirmations and heavenly discoveries and enter the regions of holiness."

Bahá’u’lláh: The Seven Valleys and The Four Valleys, "Valley of Wonderment", pp. 32-33

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