Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Perfections are without Limit"

Some of us are prone to pray often, even when things are going well.

Some folks, deeply ensnared in materialism, will resort to prayer during crises.

Some will continue to pray for those who've already left this earth-plane.

What about souls in the Next Life praying for us...?

"It is even possible that the condition of those who have died in sin and unbelief may become changed—that is to say, they may become the object of pardon through the bounty of God, not through His justice—for bounty is giving without desert, and justice is giving what is deserved. As we have power to pray for these souls here, so likewise we shall possess the same power in the other world, which is the Kingdom of God. Are not all the people in that world the creatures of God? Therefore, in that world also they can make progress. As here they can receive light by their supplications, there also they can plead for forgiveness and receive light through entreaties and supplications. Thus as souls in this world, through the help of the supplications, the entreaties and the prayers of the holy ones, can acquire development, so is it the same after death. Through their own prayers and supplications they can also progress, more especially when they are the object of the intercession of the Holy Manifestations."

‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Some Answered Questions, Chapter 62: "Perfections are without Limit", p. 232

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