Friday, January 26, 2007

Breaking News !!!

I'd mentioned last week that I was encouraging a few individuals to become "E-Mail Reporters"--those who respond in special ways and offer material that becomes a Post.
are extremely import in a blog because Comments are "FeedBack". A Post from a "Reporter" is more like "FeedForward"...
In my Post, Synchronicity & Conflict, I asked for folks to "submit some 'evidence' or give some 'testimony'" and, even before any Comments were posted, I got this response from our First E-Mail Reporter, Sandy:

"Yes, I think under or overlying spiritual forces have the ability to create similar and related events that become noticeable through their repetitiveness. This repetitiveness then becomes so noticeable that it gets to the point of being obviously spiritually motivated in nature and not just coincidence.

"When my father was delusional and dying from brain cancer , the synchronized theme was butterflies. Butterflies were to be seen everywhere I looked. For instance, on one particular day while my father lay in bed so sick, butterflies were on the ear rings of someone in the room, on the belt around someone else's waist, on the wrapping paper of the gift my aunt was opening, and in the yard fluttering and fighting their way in the wind and on that same day my father even mentioned butterflies in a few of his last words. Before he became bedridden, he had given me some tea cups that had belonged to his grandmother and they had a beautiful butterfly design on them. Butterflies represent change. I believe there are just some things, like synchronicity that can't be fully explained. I do think they are for us to take notice of, however, to see that something of great spiritual value is happening."
~ Sandy


Alexys Fairfield said...

I think butterflies in particular are a leading authority in wonder. Everyone who looks at one, escapes themselves, if not for a moment to follow the flight of the butterfly. We love looking at them and watching them fly. And the whole transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is like the transformation of our Soul when we take flight.

Alexander M said...

Thank you, So much, for that comment, Alexys !

~ Alex

William said...

I like that. A great symbolic sign of peace I think.

Alexander M said...

Did you mean that butterflies are a symbolic sign of peace?

~ Alex