Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life Is Deadly

A recent article in Guardian Unlimited, has the ominous title: Doctors fear TB strain could cause a global pandemic if it is not controlled .
It seems the news about disease is as pandemic as the germs that cause it.
I've even got one of my friends urging me to do some major research on the insidiousness of our world's current diseases...

Let's see:

* ravaging disease
* godless terrorists
* evil pollution
* flourishing crime
* political betrayals
* Fill In The Blank...

All these concerns can cause three very basic responses:

~ Find or dig a hole to hide in.
~ Start ranting and keep ranting.
~ Seek spiritual solutions

Seeking spiritual solutions has two basic components:

> Seeking solutions in your personal spiritual response to such a deadly world.
> Seeking practical spiritual solutions to eliminate the things that make life so deadly.

People who say things like, "We'll always have war!", or "People will never change!", or "How can there be a loving God with so much evil in the world?", are people who haven't found their own Spiritual Center--they're letting the external determine the internal.

Final thought:

This life is getting more deadly every day because of the worst disease there is--lack of
True Spirituality...

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