Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doomsday !

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists sets the hands of the Doomsday Clock and that setting has changed many times since 1947.

Does it scare you to know that a group of supposedly educated individuals thinks we're closer to annihilating ourselves?

Does your Faith have anything to say about the End of the World?

Why have all the Major Faiths in recorded history included in their Scriptures a reference to the end of things as we know them? They've even predicted (symbolically) a time when the "End" will arrive. Even, in some cases, given hints that certain individuals have interpreted as definite dates for human, earthly annihilation...

If you don't have first hand info on what various Faiths have claimed, the Doomsday Guide is an interesting place to begin an investigation.

What does Your God say about the End of the World?


Snuffy1979 said...

I feel like it is pointless to be concerned about the end of the world because no-one but God knows when that will be. I just hope that I have lived my life the right way and that I teach my daughter to live her life the right way so we can meet in heaven. I can't help thinking that I have made some terrible mistakes in my life and hope that I am forgiven for them.

I don't think that the "End" is going to be the end of humanity or the end of the planet. In fact the bible says that there will be times of tribulation at the end. To me this says that people are still going to be here at the end. Those people will have to find their way to God during the hardest time ever.

I think that the "End" is a long way off and I will content myself working on my relationship with God, which is in a state of confusion right now, and making a good life for my Daughter.

Alexander M said...

snuffy1979 wrote:
"I don't think that the 'End' is going to be the end of humanity or the end of the planet."

Alex said:
Many folks believe as you do...

snuffy1979 also wrote:
"In fact the bible says that there will be times of tribulation at the end."

Alex also said:
Some folks think we're in that Time right now...

Miss Anna said...

I'm not certain on what hour the world will end but I am certain on growing closer to God during these times. Do I believe the end is near? Perhaps nearer than we think; I mean it could be any second, day, hour or whenever...must be prepared at all times.

Alexander M said...

I like the "balance" of your views, miss anna:
"...not certain on what hour the world will end..."
balanced with
"...I am certain on growing closer to God during these times."
And, I truly appreciate your "bottom-line":
"...must be prepared at all times."
If you see this comment to your comment, I'd like to ask if you could expand on your interpretation of "be prepared", o.k.?

~ Alex

Miss Anna said...

By being prepared I mean be prepared to meet God for whenever the moment should occur. By being ready spiritually to be secure in knowing where one is going after that last breath. For me that is deeper into a relationship with God by prayer and reading scripture in my belief. To meditate upon the scriptures as well. Also; living it out and not just reading it but in doing also as to not remain stagnant. So, to show what one believes by actions and not just in words alone. It truly makes a difference. At least most recently for me. I am still learning each and everyday.

Alexander M said...

Thanks, miss anna, for a thought-provoking comment!
The whole post is very cool (IMHO) but my favorite part is:
" it out and not just reading it but in doing also as to not remain stagnant..."
Spiritual Stagnation is Deadly !
~ Alex

Snuffy1979 said...

Maybe I'm just too young but I like to think that the end is a long way off. Partly because I'm not spiritually where I need to be and partly because I want to think that Mary-Alice will have a long and happy life ahead of her.

I do believe that we are going through some hard times right now but haven't people been saying the end is near for like ever. I mean the year I graduated from High School was supposed to be the year the world ended because it was the number of the beast times 3(where ever that came from). Well we are still here and there isn't a person running around claiming to be the new messiah that I know of anyway.

I also know that the temple has to be rebuilt before the end times come and it hasn't been rebuilt yet. I know they are talking about it but there are more signs then just anarchy that signify the end times. I'm just not seeing them yet. I also haven't heard of lots of people just up and disappearing across the planet. Wouldn't that be a big sign that no-one could ignore?

Alexander M said...


Can't thank you enough for your lengthy and informative comment!

I have a challenge for you:
(if you're still on a college campus at times during the day)
Conduct a few interviews with folk about how they think the "world will end" and when they believe it will...
That's your Mission should you accept it...

~ Alex

Alexander M said...


Forgot to say that part of that Mission is to report back to us here at the Blog...

~ Alex

Snuffy1979 said...

I talked to a few people.

Some comments were:
My opinion changes with my mood. I'll deal with it when it happens.

Hadn't really thought about it.

People need to read Revelation and not just subscribe to the standard interpretation on the text.

Snuffy1979 said...

This is a comment I got from a friend who is a year older then I am.

The end of the world as we know it could be anytime considering the "as we know it" part.
Think of the fact of how strange or foreign our everyday world would be to a person who
traveled through time from the 1500's and saw what we have in the year 2007. Our radios,
phones, and cars, not to mention other modern inventions would be mind baffling to a person of
the 16th century.

Now, let's think of 50 or even 100 years in the future. Modern science and advances will have
leaped again. Who knows what we will possibly see in our lifetimes or what will become of our
world after we are gone. But I can tell you this... The world of the future will probably be
nothing like it is today. We live int he world "as we know it", but that world is ever
changing so one day it might be the end of the world as WE know it, but it will be the world
as our great great great great grandchildren know it.

Speaking about the "end of the world" is a whole statement in itself. Religiously, I'm not
sure if I know enough to answer this question. Spiritually, I think a person is screwed if
they have not found God and it's the end of the world. You do want your golden ticket into
heaven when it all goes down. There's that movie and book that focuses in on the worshipers of
God being taken to heaven and spared of all harm or evil when the end comes. Personally, I
don't think that will happen, but I do think that I want to be on God's good side and be one
of his followers when the "end" comes. I want to know that when I die I can go to heaven and
face it... If a large asteroid comes hurling at the Earth and wipes out all life on Earth, we
will all die. I think it's good to know you will be with all your loved ones in heaven with

Also, I have heard some religious people push that the end of the world has to do with
religious stuff. I am not so sure about that. God is all powerful. He can control a lot. But
he can't control us from blowing each other up in a nuclear war. He puts so much faith in
mankind, but it's mankind that I sometimes don't trust. Will we kill ourselves in the end and
be our own doom?

There are so many science fiction and horror movies and books focused on the "end of the
world." I do believe that the images and ideals sometimes portrayed in our movies and books
are sometimes a reflection of our own fears. Who knows, the end of the world may come out of
an alien attack or a final world war or our destruction of the ozone layer or radiation
exposure, pollution, or an asteroid destroying Earth, or melting of polar ice caps. Heck, I
don't know... The "end" may come from a natural event, our own undoing, or something
unimaginable like contact with an alien race. I do believe if the end comes, it will have to
be be because something happened that made it come. It won't just come. Did Y2K kill us all?
No, but some things in life can happen. It would have to be something so powerful that it
kills us all or kills many leaving survival near to impossible for the living. For instance, I
would be screwed if we were suddenly stripped of modern electricity and put back into a time
of no outlets because I take medicine from a machine that plugs into a wall. In the "end", it
may become survival of the fittest or maybe... we'll just be all wiped out at once. But
something will have to happen to cause the "end" to come.

Or maybe the end will never come and humans will continue to advance with our world changing
with us. No one knows and time can only tell, but the end of the world will be a debate till
the world does end. As it's ending, people will probably be discussing this question and
debating it's answer.

It kind of reminds me of that song, "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel
fine." My question is what would you be doing if you knew that the end was coming? What would
you want to be doing if you knew it would come and you could die? What would you want to be
doing that last few minutes before the "end."

That's my food for thought. You don't have to answer. Just curious....

and here is her husbands comment

our world can end in a multitude of depends on what you mean by as in our will be here a long time, until of course the sun goes
to red giant and sometime years after that nova...our world as in could be
infinite because our new reality would be heaven if we die and heaven is infinite...while this
reality here is finite in space and time...