Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just a Moment of Peace

Just as a spaceship slowly lifts from its launch pad before it roars blazingly toward the heavens, this blog is barely at the beginning of its travels.
"Spiritual Commentary on Current Events" covers a lot of territory and we need some grounding experiences before we can fly free...
* I've made an Opening statement and presented another site that I'm working to integrate into the experience here.
* I'm lining up a number of "Email Reporters" who will contribute material for the main posts.
* And, with the rush of launching this craft into the blogosphere, I seek just a moment of peace, on a regular basis, so I can deal with current events with a spiritual attitude.
Check It Out:
Go to Peaceful Earth and explore the resources.
And, for this moment, pause to feel a bit of peace...


Alexys Fairfield said...

Great site. I love what you are doing with it.

You rocket my world!!!!!!

Alexander M said...

To receive such comments from a dynamic and soaring blogger such as you, my dear, is High Praise indeed!

*Blush* & Thanks !!

~ Alex

P.S. This Lady's Blog is at: