Monday, January 22, 2007

We Are All One?

Saw this widget on a blog I scan and tried it out. Not really sure the technology is working too well but one or two of those faces "might" resemble mine...{I'm the guy in the middle}

Guess it just goes to show that our True Similarities lie beyond sight--in the Spiritual Realm...


monkey girl said...


where did this look-alike experiment come from?

Alexander M said...

Welcome, monkey girl!!
Very glad you're here!!!

There is a link to the site for the face widget on the widget but, always desiring to be of maximum service to my blog readers, here it is in plain text:

~ Alex

Snuffy1979 said...

My match is Agam Rudberg @ 70%. Whoever the heck she is. The rest are:
Woranuch Wongsawan 66%
Fauziah Lafit 64%
Ashley Tisdale 64%
Kate Beckinsale 63%
Jodie Sweetin 63%
Lech Walesa 62%
Amelie Nothomb 62%
Heather Locklear 61%
Julianne Moore 61%

I have no clue who some of these people are.

Alexander M said...

The only ones I know are:
Lech Walesa
Heather Locklear

Goes to prove my contention in the post:
The Real Similarities are Inside...

~ Alex