Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chaos of a Mighty Wind

We are all One...

Nice sentiment or actual fact?


Made a phone call yesterday to my friend and, rather than answering with "Hello.", they said, "A Mighty Wind...".

>>>This set all kinds of things swirling in my mind and heart:

***I'd just become aware of the big European wind storm with headlines like, "European storm leaves 47 people dead", and:
***because of my previous post about the Doomsday Clock and its hands getting closer to midnight attributed, in part, to global warming, and
***news channels talking about the wind storm in the context of global warming, and
***politicians starting to dance around that Issue, and
***other news channels pointing to the storm of 1999 and claiming this storm had nothing to do with global warming, and
***a concurrent virus attack called Storm Worm that used the European storm to lure people into opening infected e-mails, and,
***finally (Whew!), remembering the 2003 movie, A Mighty Wind, which was funny and made all the other connections in this swirling mind/heart assume their proper perspective,

>>>I pondered the Butterfly Effect: small changes here making big changes there (usually refered to as Chaos Theory) and...
the whole swirling mass of thought and emotion made extremely clear the interconnection of weather, news, history, hackers, comedy, danger, social action, and the comments of friends...
We are all One...

Nice sentiment or actual fact?

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